How Does You Thrifte Card Work?


Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Thrift-e Rewards?

Thrift-e Rewards is a Benefits program offered by Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway. You don't need a Thrift-e Rewards Card to shop in Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway to get our sales prices, but if you want benefits then Thrift-e Rewards is for you. The card acts as a personalized electronic wallet for your rewards. The Benefits include:
  • Special discounts and incentives

  • Personalized offers based on the clubs and areas of interest you have chosen

  • Ability to participate in our 1% community rebate program

  • Instant Credit for returns, right over the phone

  • Instant notification and credit on recalled items

  • Access to your purchase history and total savings
    - Create, update, and print an easy-to-use online shopping list

What is my electronic wallet?

Your electronic wallet, which is accessed with your card, stores the store credits you earn, which can then be used like cash on store purchases.

Do I have to be a Thrift-e rewards Member?

No. All our Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway customers receive the same sales price in our stores. You do not need to be a member to get the same sales price. However, if you choose to be a member, you will receive many valuable benefits.

What is the Thrift-e Rewards card?

Your Thrift-e Rewards Card is the link between your Thrift-e Rewards membership and the savings and services offered. Bring your Card to Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway every time you shop to be sure you are receiving all the benefits that Thrift-e Rewards has to offer. Savings, special promotional offers, or easy credit on returned items and notice for product recalls as well as much more.

How does Thrift-e Rewards Work?

Just hand your card to the checker to scan prior to starting the checkout process. The checker then scans your groceries as normal. All you have to do is determine if you'd like to use your Wallet Balance on this purchase or wait for a another occasion

How do I get my Thrift-e Rewards card?

There are 2 quick and easy ways to enroll:
  • You can fill out the application online at At the end of the process you will print a page with a fulfillment number on it. Bring that page to the store and give it to any checker. The checker will provide you with your card. Your card will be activated and ready to use by the end of the next business day (Monday – Friday).

  • Pick up a brochure from the store, fill it out and return it to any checker to receive your card. Your card will be activated and ready to use by the end of the next business day (Monday – Friday).

Can I "cash out" my Wallet Balance?

Your Wallet Balance has no "cash" value, so it cannot be "cashed-out". You can use your Wallet Balance on any purchase at Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway. Use it when you want, on the products you want in store.

What can I spend my Wallet Balance on?

Your Thrift-e Rewards Credits are yours to use at Thriftway as you would like. Spend it when you get it, or save it for a special occasion - it's your choice. Your Thrift-e Rewards Credits do not have a cash value; therefore you cannot receive cash back out of your Wallet. However, you can buy whatever you'd like with your wallet.

Can I use my phone number rather than having to carry a Thrift-e Rewards Card?

Yes and No. You may use your phone number at the beginning of an order to receive rewards and use promotions. For security reasons you cannot use your phone number to redeem in-store credit. It would be too easy for other people to access your account balance.

Why do I need to scan my Thrift-e Rewards Card at the beginning of the order?

We really apologize about this annoying piece of Thrift-e Rewards. Currently our register software won't support the ability to scan the Card at anytime. We do understand that this is an issue, and are working to fix this problem. Thanks for your patience.

What does “Immediate Credit for Product Returns” mean?

When you are a member of Thrift-e Rewards and you buy an item that isn't up to our high quality standards, just call our Corporate Office 360-596-0110, and we will immediately credit your purchase to your Thrift-e Rewards Wallet. Then, the next time you are in the store you can use that Credit at the register. No need to make a separate trip back to the store, and no need to bring the item back to the store.

What does “Real Time Access to Your Purchase History” Mean?

When you are a member of Thrift-e Rewards you can have access to your purchase history at Ralph’s and Bayview. Whether you would like to see that special cheese you purchased a week ago or the wine last year, you can search through your own history and be reminded of some of your favorite things at Thriftway. This will also allow you to better budget your hard earned dollars by evaluating what you are spending your grocery dollars on, and possibly ways to stretch those dollars further.

What if I lose my Thrift-e Rewards Card?

If you lose your Thrift-e Rewards Card just call our Corporate Office at 360-596-0110. We will help you roll over to a new account, without losing any of your built up benefits and history. We will also disconnect your previous account to ensure there will be no future issues.

Can family members have their own Thrift-e Rewards Card?


How many Cards do you get when you sign up?

Each family member gets one card. You decide how many family members get LINKED when you sign up. You must register each family member in a sub account under your master registration. Don't worry, this is quick and easy.

Is Thrift-e Rewards available at Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway stores only?


Where will the Thrift-e Rewards Cards be scanned?

Thrift-e Rewards Cards will be scanned over the same scanner as the groceries.

What if I forget my Card?

Your checker can use your phone number in place of your card. However, for security reasons, you will not be able to redeem in-store credit. You will still be able to earn rewards and use promotions.

What personal information will be requested and required to sign up?

You will be required to give us your full name, address and phone number. We also are asking for email, cell phone and other optional information. However, depending on how you would like us to communicate with you, is how much information we need you to provide. If you would like us to send you emails, we need your email address. If you would like us to send you a text message, we need your cell phone number, etc.

EBT & WIC Returns, how will those be handled if I call in a return?

It is against Washington State Law for EBT credits and WIC credits to be used for anything outside of the items (products) offered for those two programs. Thus, we will not be able to apply a credit to an EBT or WIC customers Thrift-e card for use on other products. EBT & WIC returns will still need to be managed through the store.

How will customers without computers register?

Registration can occur by filling out a Thrift-e Card Registration Form which can be found at the store. Once you have filled this out, simply return it to any checker to receive your card.

On a recalled item, will customers automatically receive credit?

Yes. It is at Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway’s discretion, by item recalled, as to the length of time they will automatically credit a recalled product, and the quantity for which a customer will get credit.

Returns – Can I still return items to the store?

Returns in store do not change from how they have previously been handled.

Are alcoholic beverages included in returns?

Washington State Law prohibits the return of credit or cash for alcoholic beverage purchases. The only way we can accommodate a return for alcoholic beverages is if the customer comes back into the store for an exchange.

What are the office hours if I want to call for returns or questions?

Hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Where is the Office Located?

1932 East 4th Ave., Olympia WA 98506

Is there online shopping with pick-up or delivery service?

Yes. Online shopping with drive thru pickup is only available at our Ralph’s Thriftway store. The shopping site is

How can I see my Thrift-e Rewards Wallet balance?

Just go online to and log into your account. In addition, Wallet balances are made available at every checkstand in the store. Just ask any checker.

What If I lose my Card - can someone else use it?

Yes, but don’t worry. Call our office at 360-596-0110, they will help you quickly cancel your old card and get you a new one.

Can I use a portion of my Thrift-e Rewards Wallet credit?

Yes, you can use a portion of your Wallet or the whole thing - you decide when and how.

How do I know which store to pick up my Thrift-e Rewards Card?

If you register online, you will receive a fulfillment number; - take that fulfillment number to either store location to pick up your Card. If you fill out the paper form, just take that to either store as well. Your card will be activated and ready to use by the end of the next business day (Monday – Friday).

Why Are Food Products recalled?

Food products are recalled for a variety of reasons ranging in seriousness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies recalls into the following categories:
  • Class I Recall: a situation in which there is reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

  • Class II Recall: a situation in which use of or exposure to a product may cause temporary or medically reversible health consequences, or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote.

  • Class III Recall: a situation in which use of or exposure to a product is not likely to cause adverse health consequences.

  • Market Withdrawal: occurs when a product has a minor violation that would not be subject to FDA legal action. The firm removes the product from the market or corrects the violation.

How are Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway notified of a recall?

We are made aware of recalls in many different ways; including, but not limited to:
  • The FDA
  • The United States Department of Agriculture
  • The product manufacturer
  • Local health jurisdictions
  • The product distributors
  • The media. In many cases, a manufacturer recalls a product and issues a media release immediately. Therefore, it is possible that consumers will hear about the product recall on the news before the manufacturer or a regulatory agency has notified us.

What products are covered by the Thrift-e Rewards recall notification system?

The Thrift-e Rewards electronic notification system applies only to products (other than prescription drugs) that are considered a class I or Class II recall as defined by the FDA, and that Ralph’s & Bayview Thriftway sold prior to the recall.

Why doesn't the Thrift-e Rewards recall notification system cover prescription drugs?

National Privacy Laws prevent us from including prescription drugs as part of our automatic recall notification system; however if a prescription drug is recalled, the pharmacy will take the lead in notifying affected customers.

Should I rely exclusively on Thrift-e Rewards recall notification system to learn of any recalls?

No. Thrift-e Rewards has created the recall notification system voluntarily as a complimentary service for our customers. While we will endeavor to send out a notice within 24 hours after we learn of a recall, we cannot guarantee that a notice will always go out. In addition, because we learn of recalls from other sources, we cannot guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the notifications. And, of course, there is always the possibility of technical problems that will prevent the notice from going out or from being received.

What is the Kids Club

The Kids Club is for children 10 years old and under. There will be special snacks offered from time to time and information about specific Kids events and promotions.